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It`s no secret that brand new cars can be very expensive and it is the reason many car owners opt for used tires since they seem like the perfect way to save some good money on motor vehicle maintenance. However, there is more to buying car tires than just acquiring a set with a lot of treads and for a cheap charge. What many motor vehicle proprietors do not realize is that used car tires poses some safety hazards that might not be clear then, but will be at a later time. Car tires are made of rubber compounds that are known to age time progresses. This is regardless of whether they are frequently used, barely used or unused. Nevertheless, it is not clear the duration the tires can serve the car giving the owner safe transportation until deterioration takes place to the point where they fail to serve their purpose.  Learn more about car tyres, go here. 


Manufacturers of tires recommend changing the tires between 5-10 years regardless of the wear but depending on the conditions. If the tires are often exposed to humidity, heat, direct sunlight and other factors that can cause to accelerated breakdown of the rubber compounds, then they need to be replaced after a few years. Purchasing new car tires should not be an alternative. It matters not whether you are saving money on cash or trying to be environment conscious by preserving the natural resources by use of used tires. Whatever the case, you are decreasing your road safety conditions by driving around on used tires.  Find out for further details on Michelin 4x4 tyres right here. 


Using a used car tire means that you have no history of that tire. It might be simple finding the right size of a used car tire for your vehicle. However, there is no telling whether the car it was in was frequently overloaded or driven at high speed. Such factors can impact the tires functionality in a way that might not be initially noticeable but can bring about failure shortly. The tires might also have been wrongly repaired, unnoticeable damage, exposed to harsh elements or just mishandled which can later affect transportation. 


You can easily miss a recall with a used tire. With the new tires being registered to the car owner purchasing it, in the case of a recall for any reason, the buyer can be contacted easily. However, with used tires, the link between a producer and the buyer is no more, and the buyer of used tires may never realize if the tires have been recalled due to safety issues. Take a look at this link for more information.